Saturday, 26 January 2008

Costume Awards at Bølgen & Moi, Jan 08

Costume Awards 08
I went to the party at B&M with three super cool girls. It was vdery crowded, but very fun!
I brought my camera, but forgot to take any pictures at the party - me in a nutshell...
I wore an outfit a bit inspired by top model Agyness Deyn, but a more dressed up version. The skinne jeans, preppy shoes and the hat is a classic Agyness-look.
I'm wearing hat by Filippa K, top by Nina Jarebrink, vest by Filippa K, braces by H&M, trousers by G-Oslo, flamenco-boots and clutch by Prada.

Tired, but happy!
The picture is found at

Vernisage at Little Miss T, Jan 08

Vernisage at Little Miss T.
On a dark Sunday afternoon in January I was invited to a vernisage at the very cool shop Little Miss T at Grünerløkka. The pictures were very cool, minimalistic but still very objective. The pictures also involved a lot of symbolism. I liked the picture of the artist's red ballerina-strollers.

Kate in a book, sparkling rosè - of course!

Style report: The floor at Little Miss T
Boots for wet weather and long wollen socks. Janeinsane is wearing the black boots. The green ones are mine.

A very cool combination - rough boots and socks to a feminine skirt! Housewife going to war.

Rough leather boots and tight black jeans.

Vintage-look sneakers! Very cool.

Underwear by Ida Gullhav

Quilted bags.

Being healthy and GREEN is just so IT right now...... Haha!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Sunday and snow

A Sunday-walk, Jan 08

I took these pictures when I was almost at home after a long walk in the cold weather in Oslo. I had to collect a leather whip from yesterday's shoot at the hotel Gabels Hus. It was a tad embarrasing when I got it from the male receptionist who looked strangely at me as he gave it to me! Well, I tell you, you haven't really lived before you have collected a whip you have forgotten at a Hotel!!

Here's my lovely housefriends Marthe and Maika. Maika is listening to Marthe's instructions and she's so smart! To tell you the truth, I have never been felt up or licked so much by anyone as Maika! I think she has a fetish for knees... Here Maika is wearing a vest from Majorstuen Aquarium Zoo! It's soo chic! :)

Maika is always fashionable. Here you can see her vest really working it! She is one of the few who can wear really really little clothes but not look like a slut!

Marthe's friend Johanne's thuper cool vintage bag. Wow!

I'm wearing a lot more than Maika! The hat is Grandpa's old ski hat. The scarf is from Christina Skreiberg (look further down at the blog), Grandma's old skijacket (I have printed Kvikklunsj and appelsin (= a chocolate that Norwegians eat while skiing and orange) c'est chic on the back, jean from Acne Jeans and boots from La Crosse.

Scenery outside my house at Nordberg.


Underwear-shoot, Jan 08

Well, it looks like I really did a good job during the first days of the sale. I have to disapoint you, because these bags are filled with underwear, whips, bodypowder and other things that I borrowed for a photo shoot. Steffen Aaland did the photos, Anne Marie at Adam og Eva Gamlebyen did the hair, Tina Solberg Torstad did the make-up and I did the styling and was infront of the camera. Unfortunately there was no time for me to take pictures during the shoot.... But I hope we ended up with some cool photos. The location was a suite at the fantastic hotel Gabels Hus. The inspiration was the movie "Eyes Wide Shut". I think the pictures looks like the day after Eyes Wide Shut!

Attention all you who need new underwear. Why buy CK when you can buy super cool and super comfy underwear from the Norwegian designer Ida Gullhav? And why freeze when you can wear cool socks from Vera & William? Use them on top of your tight jeans. The underwearish wristwarmers are from C-Øberg. They are a very cool and sexy accessorie!

Birthday party backstage at Blå.

Birthday party for Gaute D and Tove S backstage at Blå, Jan 08

Me at Marthe's eating pizza before the party!
For the occation I'm wearing cardigan from Nina Jarebrink, t-shirt by moi, key-chain used as necklace by dead french dude who is known for his luggage and overrated logo-bags - chain from H&M, belt bought at G-Oslo, pants from G-Oslo and shoes from Bronx.

Style report: The floor backstage at Blå.
Fabolous shoewear.

Style report:What's worn around the necks at Blå.
No, it's actually not a pokemon! It's Charlotte's über-cool clock-mouse by my man Marc J!

Three deadly weapons. The large...
...gun is cool!

The mouse was tires of cheese and had Cava instead. Disco-mouse at Discobelle.

Me and the beautiful photographer Kirsti. She looks WOW at this pic found at

Anja's Lovely clutch.

Style report: The floor at Blå.
High thick heels, often in patent leather, was seen a lot during the evening. And we know why - it's so sexy!
The boots in the middle are clearly inspired by this season's Burberry Prosum and Givenchy collections.

My only ride this evening was a tube - going home.....
I had to leave the pary early because of a shoot the morning after. I missed the concert with Discobelle.

Disco all the way home.

Cool scarf by Christina Skreiberg!

I bought these preppy dress-shoes on sale for the occation!

Fabolous scarf by Christina Skreiberg!

Christina's scarf, Jan 08

Christina gave me this beauty of a scarf! I can't thank her enough and I have weared it ever since!
Check out her home page or run to the cute shop Little Miss T at Grünerløkka!

Recap: At Tea Lounge with Camilla

I met Camilla in Thorvald Meyers street at Grünerløkka some days before x-mas. I was just finished with my big German test (tentamen) and was desperately looking for a bow tie. We took a time of at Tea Lounge aka. Babyland (there were babies everywhere - even on the toilet floors..) Camilla took this pic when I was waiting for my skimmed latte. Check out Camilla's blog at

Friday, 4 January 2008

At Janeinsane's place

Breakfast At Tiffany's, champagne, knitting and nailpolish at Janeinsane, Jan. 08

Ok, I have a confession to make. Today I saw the classic "Breakfast At Tiffany's" for the FIRST TIME! And how could I have missed it for so long?? It's such a great movie. Perhaps not the most intricate plot: An up-town call-girl hooks up with a writer/ up-town call-boy. But the outfits are fantastic. Very very chic up-town costumes. Very simple, but oh so great. The call-boy/writer had a preppy touch to his outfits with thin ties and patterned jackets. No wonder it is still famous for it's value in fashion. The up-town NYC-fashion in the early 1960's: WOW.

Audrey's sunglasses are so cool!

A turbanish headpiece together with a grey old college sweater! Phew!

Janeinsane did my nails for the occation. They actually matched one of Audrey's outfits in the film. A tad too much??

Nailpolish from MAC with the coolest name. It's called "Pick me up"! The watch is from Paul Frank, Orogami jewellery from H&M. Knitted square by Janeinsane!!

Janeinsane has always been the avant-garde! Here is a picture of her early Valentine's card. What can I say?

I got a really NICE scarf from Janeinsane. Edel's Daughter her pieces are called. I love the colour. The T-shirt-cardigan is from Acne Jeans.

Wool needs to be taken care of! Hehe!

Champagne and chocolates to the movie.

One of Jane's smaller rocks. She got this one from one of her many fans.

All of Jane's wool, in one basket! We thought there would be more. Live and learn!!

Last but not least: Janeinsane's pill-pouch by Marc Jacobs. FLASH!