Friday, 22 February 2008

Spasibar, Feb 08

Me and four lovely girls at Spasibar, Feb 08:
After seeing the Moods of Norway-show at Bislett Stadion at Oslo Fashion Week me, Gunnhilde, Linda x2 and Keyna went to get something to drink and to have a chat. This was a really fun night. More on Oslo Fashion Week will come soon.

Me and wonderfull Keyna who showed fantastic pieces under the Nåløyet-show! I thought it was her comb, but I was wrong..... Aoch!

I'm wearing my new favourite shirt by T-Michael, star by Camilla Prytz and "home made" ribbon with pictures of Cam and Janeinsane.

One of this seasons coolest sunglasses are made by Marc Jacobs. Me and Gunnhilde tried on Linda's new pair..

Linda tried my glasses! Moods of Norway showed their new glasses on the show, and they look very similar to mine.

We met a girl named Marianne who made very cool neclases herself!

Being green is just so IT right now!!

Style Report: The table
Three of four girls had these cute pouches in their bags.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Unni Askeland exhibition, Feb. 08

Unni Askeland exhibition, A lot of Water Under the Bridge, Feb. 08:
I came with John B and his lovely wife to the exhibition at Galleri Trafo. When they left I hooked up with my lovely girls. It was a really fun night and I saw several fantastic outfits! The dresscode was late 20's and 30's glam!
Me and Janeinsane! For security purposes her picture has been fixed. Jane has so many admierers, espeacially in the age groups 2-5 and 75-90, and due to this I have fixed the picture!

I'm wearing Granddad's old hat, shirt with star-pattern by T-Michael, belt from G-Oslo's shop, chinos from Acne Jeans and clutch from Prada.

Me and fab Cam! My hat is enjoying some red wine.

Beautiful Cathrine.

Me and Gine were talking about Egg McMuffins and

Strawberry Mivvies -> Little Britain.

Style Report: The Gallery

Margaretha was wearing a sexy, tight black dress! Her headband and red lips made the charlston image complete.

I said to Irja that she looked like Nancy Drew. I love the combination of the high pants, the shirt, red lips, neat hair and hairnet! Working girl!

Again Cam looked like a movie star. The jacket is from G-Oslo and the fantastic black dress is a ten year old Giorgio Armani.

Cathrine in a simple and elegant dress.

British Gina wore this fabolous number of a dress. Her look is an avant garde charlston-look where the classic charlston dress is worn together with a see through tank top, neon-blue stockings and bold Mary Jane's with red heels. Very cool!

Sporty and chic. The colour is fantastic.

The colour on several people's outfits matched the paintings.

This look is rather modern, but the turban and the matching accesories makes it very creative and it makes it fit the dress code.

Very feminin outfit. Lovely colours for this years spring trend.

Flowers is an important key-word for this years spring trend both in patterns, prints and accesories. And Janeinsane really knows how to wear them.

A man has got to do...

Snowshuvling with style at 22.30 on a Tuesday, Feb 08

OK. Because of two busy months my hero Marthe has done ALL the snow shuvling outside our house. I have photoprooved one of the few times I did it. Thank you so much for doing my job dearest Marthe.

When I was almost finished a taxi stopped infront of me and "winked" with the headlights.... Scary shit!

I'm wearing jumpsuit from Acne Jeans, Grandma's old cardigan from Vero Moda, belt from Armani Jeans and UGG-boots I got at a fashion show. I think the jumpsuit looks like the one the Flashdance-girl wears in the factory!

You have to excuse my pouting! Hard work!

Sunday-walks with Janeinsane

Cultural sunday-walks with Janeinsane, Jan 08
Two Sundays in a row Janeinsane has introduced me to several of Oslo's galleries and other important and arty sights! This has of course included coffee and Italian gelato, antioxydant-drinks and other neceserities. I want to dedicate this to wonderful Jane who is going to move up north to work on an art festival. I just want to say that I love you so much and that I will miss you and our wonderful sundaytrips a lot. I will miss wool, milo, champagne, nailpolish, YOU! Good luck! We will visit!

Me and Janeinsane had to climb this mountain to get to one of the galleries. Luckily Jane wasn't wearing her most bold heels this time. These shoes were Gore-tex signed!

Oh la la! Janeinsane said that this underwear-boutique has to be one of Agent Provocatour's biggest threats on the market. Sassy-sassy!

Wonderful Janeinsane, former Bedehus-babe, knitted a matching hat for my scarf. Fantastic. I'm happy at Akerbrygge.