Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Life

... we're living under the stage lights.

Oslo, November 2011

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Girl Panic!

by Duran Duran

I'm Reading and Eating

This autumn I have started something I've never done before. Every week I am baking - cakes and bread.
Therefor I am reading these great blogs:

Opskrifter (Danish)
Hjartesmil - In Nynorsk (love it).

- - -

After having read a lot of blogs I am starting to become tired of seeing that the outfit pictures are so dominating. I am posting them myself - but now I am analysing if this really is just another form of self exposure and bad karma. I want to this blog to be more than just the clothes. But the clothes will remain as well. - I think.

Jumpsuit by ChloƩ, belt from Celine, hat by Kenzo, shirt from Monki, bracelet Miu Miu, scarf from Gucci, pouch Miu Miu and book bought in Paris. Bla bla.

Oslo, November 2011

Comme Ci Comme Ca

Haven't blogged for a very long time. Been busy. It's a bit like the French expression on the t-shirt from Monki.I think it's important that the blog is not in charge. 

Oslo, November 2011