Sunday, 30 March 2008

Freudian Kicks Opening and more, Feb. 08

Freeudian Kicks opening and being kitchy while eating Indian food, Feb. 08
I have to say that Freudian Kicks is a really really good contribution for Oslo. The shop is underground London'ish and I really like the fact that the shop is located in an area which I think will become the new urban Oslo. I get a big-city'ish feeling in that area. The official opening of the store was really fun. I went there with Kari and Ole H. We left a bit early because we hadn't had any dinner ..

I can't really explain what I'm doing in this picture!

A blurry version of Kari and Ole H.

Strange things are happening in the dressing room.

Beautiful glass star by Camilla Prytz and flowerband. The band makes this dark outfit a lot more springier!

Style report: The floor at Freudian Kicks.

I'm not surpriced to see all of the multi-coloured sneakers.

Very casual but very chic. I love how Kari wears her skirt combined with the woolen top.

Chai-tea wearing Chanel.

I love this season's kitchy details.

What I did 20.02.08

Here's the thing ...
I became 20 years old 20.02.08. This is also a memorable date because I filled gas for the first time that day as well.. Look at the enthusiasm in that face.

Working at OFW, Feb. 08

Working at OFW.
Me and super cool Erin at the runway.
I'm wearing buttoned t-shirt and shoes by Acne Jeans and jeans from Miu Miu.

Me and Hege backstage. I'm talking nonsence and non-stop, as usual...!
I'm wearing jacket by Nina Jarebrink

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Sunday, 2 March 2008

Recap: Opening of Oslo Fashion Week & Nålauget, Feb 08

OFW-Opening & Nålauget 08

I was lucky and got to attend the opening of OFW and the Nålauget-award. It was really fun and inspiering to see what Norwegian designers have come up with for next year's season in one show!

And of course: Batlak and Selvig! I'm so happy that somebody with their own genre and in their own league in Norwegian fashion got the award. In addition to the young duo I really liked Ingunn Birikeland's, Ida Gullhav's, and G-Oslo's collections.

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My outfit is inspiered by the teddyboys from the 30's. The ones you can see in old silent movies with tap dance, speeded piano music and the lot!

I'm wearing hat from Filikka K, shirt/vest by Nina Jarebrink, trousers by G-Oslo, shoes from Bronx.

One of my favourite pieces was signed Ingunn Birkeland!