Sunday, 21 February 2010

ITJ-BOY Vs. Black Adder

At the Oslonights-blog there was a discussion if I actually am the Black Adder. Well, I have to admit that it kind of looks like my outfit is inspired by the old monarch, but I can here now state that it is not. Rowan Atkinson is anyway far by cooler than me, and would suit my Bernhard Wilhelm even better ...

Backstage: IIS

I choreographed IIS's A/W 2010/2011-collection. The collection is inspired by the beautiful magpie. Kjersti Andreasen did the styling.

Backstage: Soyaaulait

Beautiful prints and colours at Soyaaulait's show during OFW. I really adore the green blouse in the pic under.

Backstage: Vatle

The ultimate Saturday night look!

Vatle A/W 2010/2011 at OFW

Vatle showed a runway show and a collection full of neon psy-phy! The designer has worked with a lot of different textures and materials. It was a fun collection to see on stage, but I was not convinced with the finish on several of the pieces. However, Kjersti Vatle is very creative in her work and the things she does is very fun! Her collection included everything from a tutu with lights, a see through bodysuit to an enormous neon-green dress. It is a shame that my camera ran out of battery, because I would love to have more pictures from the show.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Flinga A/W 2010 at OFW

Flinga showed a solid collection both when it comes to the finish of the whole collection and their use of theme. The Flinga-designers make clothing inspired and driven by feminism. This made them this season look into the mystic world of the super heroes. You can see the referances to super heroes in all pieces, both when it comes to ornamentation, the cuts, details, etc. I actually did an interview for fash-art-music-blog-page Smuglesning, so I got to talk a lot with the designers. They wanted to make a collection with a lot of contrasts and they were also inspired by the dynamic human being and the individual. They have mixed unisex and very masculine pieces with feminine outfits. The collection is quite dark, but the feminine dresses in bright pink, yellow and red creates opposition. They want to focus on the androgyn, masculin and feminine.
Here is the link to the interview I did:
You have to excuse the lousy pictures from the runway, but it was hard to get sharp images because of all the smoke.

I wore dad`s Miami Vice blazer, Prada knit, Balenciaga belt, trousers from G-Oslo, necklaces on belt from Camilla Prytz and shades from Cutler & Gross.

Opening of Oslo Fashion Week

The opening of Oslo Fashion Week happened this tuesday. It's a bit funny, because there were so many people who don't really have anything to do with fashion precent. But in Norway a celebrity is what it's worth - big time. Front row there were next to stylists, press and editors e.g. the lady who rolls the lottery balls, a sports journalist, etc. And I, the "it-boy" (what ever), was seated back at seventh row. In the dim lighting I saw even less because of my beautiful shades from Cutler & Gross, so I actually had to stand up at times.
The jeans-designerlabel Mardau & Dean got the Nåløye / Needle eye-award. There were runway shows for NICE - a project for ethical and ecological fashion done by different Scandinavian designers, the shop/workshop/showroom Designerkollektivet (The Designer's Collective) and of course the nominees for Nåløyet.
Under you can see some pictures of some of the people who actually should be at such an event!
Bold as I am, I'm starting with myself at the top. I wore beautiful, beautiful metal studded top by Bernhard Wilhelm from The Henrik Vibskov Boutique, necklace and headpiece/scruncie from Batlak & Selvig and of course the shades from Cuttler & Gross.

Charlotte with her Nina Jarebrink Anja-bag and her fashion friend Astrid in the pic under.

This necklace is almost as nice as mine!

Pretty Rut from

Blurry bloggers.

I love the pants Martin has borrowed. Marianne is behind him - Hello!

I think Maria is planning on stealing my shades ...
Maya and Siri - two furry ladies. Maya also wore Whyred's interpretation or the who'-heels!

Thursday, 11 February 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

One of the most brilliant and creative designers of the latest decades, Alexander McQueen, was found dead at his home in London this morning.

Photos from