Sunday, 29 March 2009

Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Box

One of my favourite top ten things to do is to open this beautiful box. The content is made by Batlak og Selvig.
The designer-duo has now opened their first store at Tjuvholmen here in Oslo.

The Birthday Present

I'm a sucker for lovely wrapping! Espeacially when the thing inside is even better!

Earth Hour!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Spalt PR's Birthday Party!

Spalt PR has been 5 year in business here in Oslo. To mark that they threw a party at the new and 60's cool restaurant S.W. 20. The girls had made a wall full of pictures from their five years. If you study them you can find me on this collage three times! (Hints: 1. Hat, glasses and M Gilboe. 2. Bike. 3. Leg in the air). People really dressed up for this party. I've taken pictures of some of the things I found inspiering - statement shoes and headpieces.

Fantastic shoes! Silje wore the most spectacular pair of the evening. Linda wore the "blue suede-shoes" and Cath mixed shoes from Won-Hundred with Vibskov-tights.

Headpieces! Cath pulled of a "Carrie Bradshaw" - she wore a bird on her head! Fantastic. Cecilie Melli is wearing her own design. I love her carousel necklace.