Friday, 26 December 2008

More of Mr. N



Nureyev is a legend. I'm watching a documentary about him right now. And oh my - he is, was, fantastic. Beautiful, gifted and very well dressed. I found some pictures of him, which I have posted under. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Fucxxxx X-Mas!

Merry x-mas everybody! I made this lovely cake some weekends ago. This have to put you into that lovin' x-mas spirit! Ho Ho ho!

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Interview in Aftenposten

I did an interview with Aftenposten's Aften Magazine a week ago about about styling and dressing up. I was one of five completely different people. The interview is done by Helle Skjervold and the photographer is Ingar Haug Steinholt.
I'm sorry for any English speaking readers (if there are any...!), the interview is in Norwegian. I was just about to go to Spalt PR's x-mas dinner when the interview and the photos were done.
- Jeg liker å føle meg unik
Jonas Pedersen Øren (20),
ballettelev, modell og stylist
– Når føler du deg fin?
Når jeg har på meg noen klær innenfor mine egne krav. Jeg må ha ren
hud, eventuelt dæsje den opp med litt mineralpudder. Deodorant. Og
fine sko.

– Hva er viktig når du pynter deg?
– Jeg er pirkete på huden min og renser og hydrerer den mye. Jeg trener
mye, derfor er det viktig for meg å ha tid til en skikkelig lang dusj.
Dessuten liker jeg å ha planlagt hva jeg skal ha på meg på forhånd,
men at jeg likevel har tid til å teste ut ulike måter å style antrekket på
før jeg må gå.

– Hvordan pynter du deg?
– Jeg liker å føle meg gjennomført og unik. Jeg bruker plagg med særpreg,
men det skal ikke være for morsomt. Stilfullt, ikke som en klovn.
Det gjør meg trist å se alle mennene som stiller i blazer og stenvaskede
jeans. Uten at man trenger å følge de siste motene, er klærne dine
like fullt et statement, et førsteinntrykk som sier mye om deg.

3 favorittbutikker
Acne, Grønnegata 1A: Jeg elsker at klærne er så kombinasjonsvennlige
og at enkelte er så unike.
G-Oslo, Welhavens gate 18: Jeg er faktisk musen hennes. Haha!
Ma, Hegdehaugsveien 27A: Selv om det er en damebutikk, elsker jeg designet
der. De fører blant annet Balenciaga og Miu Miu..

I wore hat by Reinhard Plank bought at Ma, shirt by Nina Jarebrink, belt from G-Oslo and trousers by YSL Rive Gauche.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Pre X-Mas Gifts!

I'm a lucky bastard winning the best outfit competition at Yesterday I got my 2500,- price in clothing from I picked out the things in the pictures below. I love love love the rocked top with the zipper from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. The classy leather gloves are from Filippa K and the tee is from Cheap Monday. I almost got in a christmas feeling when I opened the package. A nice pre-present!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

This is not fashion!

This is movement! Photos by Peter D. Hypher.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Gilles & Cecilie

Both myself, Harvey Nichols and Paul Smith are customers of the super cool designer duo Gilles and Cecilie. At the Designer's X-Mas Market at Doga I got these two cool buttons from lovely Cecilie. I've made up a complpetly new hair trend with the "I love my hair"-button. I also have a thing for anchors. I would love to make a tatoo out of the other button!

Christmas is here! Oh joy, oh joy!

Oh yes, we all love the x-mas spirit don't we? Here is some of the factors that creates the right atmosphere:
1. Post. My mom sent me a big cake and an x-mas calendar in the post.
2. Cakes. Me and the girls from school made cakes last night at Mette's house. We all got to fill our own little box with cakes! Fun fun.

3. Knits. I love my two new sweaters from Acne and the t-shirt from American Apparel. The grey cardigan is pure cashmere. I love the burnt yellow colour on the other one.

4. Presents. Some lucky bastards are going to get these beautys for x-mas.

5. Food. At Spalt Pr's x-mas party Keyna made the most beautiful and tasteful food.
6. Dressed up people. Look at these gourgeous women! Keyna is wearing her own design. Love the dress and the stripes. Look at the matching tights. Linda is wearing vintage from Amsterdam.

7. Parties. We had a great time!

8. Kisses!

8. Dresses. Samira is wearing a fantastic dress she just bought in NYC!

Merry christmas everyone!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Busy Friday outfit!

Busy friday. Finally finished with all the dance examinations. Phew. Now I'm waiting for a journalist and a photographer from Aftenposten's Aften Magazine. They are going to interview me about my style and how to dress up. Later I'm going to Spalt PR's x-mas dinner. So I've dressed up. I'm wearing bow tie from H&M, armless shirt from Nina Jarebrink, G-Oslo belt and trousers from Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche. I hope the evening will be as good as my outfit, haha!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Plastic Dandy by Pierre Elitare

Here are some of the pictures.

Photographer: Kirsti Reinsberg Mørk

Make-Up: Jeanett Hoff

Hair: Hanna, Adam og Eva Gamlebyen

The designer's blog is:

Plastic Dandy

Interior design student Isaac, aka. Pierre Elitaire is launching his new chair Plastic Dandy.
Here are the "behind the scenes shots"!