Sunday, 30 December 2007

IT(J)-BOY Kavalkade Part. 2

Okt. 07 - Des. 07

New "It-Boy" print.
Try to find the original picture in the blog!

A recap from this year's hiking in the woods! The picture is taken in sept. 07

Christmas-dinner with my class at Bølgen & Moi, Des. 97

Smart and beautiful x-mas gift from Ronja!

"It-Boy"-wrapping paper! A must for this year's presents!

Office-party at Smuglesning, MySpace, Vice and Hove, Des. 07

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The outfit for the evcning: Jumpsouit from Acne Jeans, Neckwarmer from G-Oslo, T-shirt from Martin Margiela, Watch from Paul Frank. Fish worn on arm by Camilla Prytz.

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Beautiful heart from Camilla Prytz

Private session during photo shoot. The whip is a must.

Photo shoot: I'm doing the styling, Kirsti Mørck is behind the Camera, Vegard is infront of it. Hanne is doing the hair and Ejla with the world's coolest make-up suitcase is doing the make-up. What a crew!

Jewellery by Camilla Prytz

Picture by the cool Julia. I found it on her blog

An even shorter version of me! I look short because of all the layers... Hopefully I will remeber that for next time!

Marc's girls. Inspiration this autumn/winter.

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Pictures from one of John B's NYC-fix parties at Bølgen & Moi.
We are doing the dancing.

Cool Sweater from Nina Jarebrink. I love her, and I love her clothes even more!!

My dancers: Maria and Mette! Lovely.

I got a small role in an episode of South Park..... I wish!

A regular day at the balletclass! I'm wearing sweater from Line of Oslo, Studio54 tee and jean from Acne Jeans

Picture taken during rehearsals for the Kari Traa Fashion Show, Des. 07

Opening of Mads Nørgaard store in Oslo, Des. 07

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Picture found at facebook.
I'm wearing scarf from G-Oslo, jacket from YSL Rive Gauche, sweater from Costume National and gloves from Shoe Lounge.

Opening of Koma-store at Steen & Strøm

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No comment!!

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Marianne always looks cool!

Picture found at facebook.

The day of the Napoleon Dynamite photo shoot. I did the styling, Kirsti Mørck did the pictures. Hanne did hair and Tina S. Torstad did maje-up! Oh, I was actually infront of the camera as well. Good times!

The before picture
I'm wearing short sweater bought at Fretex Unica, printed tee, Cheap Monday jean and wooden bangle bought in Italy.

The 14 hours after picture...!

Make-up and hair is done!

Me and the fantasrtic photographer.

During shoot. Hair needs to be fixed.

Me and Maya at the AHO-party

Inspiration for the shoot.

"Paparazzi-picture" found at It is taken during an Idioteque-party.

Fashion IKON! Mr. Yves Saint Lauren.

Fashion-IKON: Ms. Chloè Sevigny. She looks amazing!

It suddenly came to life and foound it's way out and into the light....!

The fantastic jean is from G-Oslo. T-shirt from Martin Margiela, glas-fish from Camilla Prytz.

Elle Mann release-party at Pigalle.

The ghost is me and the picture is found at facebook/smuglesning
Coat from G-Oslo.

The telephones at Pigalle are cool!

Me and fantastic Erin! We have this tradition taking pictures together, showing the world facts about hight and such... I'm always disapointed.....!

The definition of hard candy?

Super-cool Bård Y took this picture for his badtaste-blog! Hehe. I never saw it there. Sorry Bård.
I'm wearing Acne Jeans, belt from Glitter, tee from Martin Margiela, cardigan from Filippa K.

High-waist vs. low waist!

D2-launch at Kunsternes Hus, Nov. 07

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I'm wearing hat from H&M, shirt from Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair, jean from G-Oslo.

Okidoki-party at the shop. Fun-fun. 20,- a bear and free vodka in dentist-cups. Yes, I was drunk!

Pictures from the day me and some friend stole apples for God Morgen Norge.

Janeinsane looking gorgeous as always!

Cam and Jane.

The apple-thugs. We were of course dressed for the occation!
I felt like a queer English Lord for days after this.

I'm wearing har from Åse Strand, vintage-schooljacket, pants from G-Oslo, sunglasses from Evoke, boots from LA Crosse and bag from Accesorize.

Cam's car. Who needs Jaguars and Ferraris?

What a pose and what a picture! The fabolous sunglasses are from Evoke! A must!

Halloween NYC-fix pary at Bølgen & Moi

We actually saw dead people all night!
I'm wearing top from Dolce & Gabbana, pants from Tiger of Sweden and boots from YSL Rive Gauche.

Cool girls.Josephine and Hege/Tatiana

Let's do the Time Warp Again!!