Sunday, 31 August 2008

Does anybody need an underwear serie?

Again a good question. I styled this shoot in January. Steffen Aaland was behind the camera, I was in front, Tina did the make-up and Anne Marie did the hair. I really like the result, but sadly nobody has bought in the serie. Ah well, a good experience.
The idea and inspiration for the shoot was the dark and seductive images in Eyes Wide Shut. We wanted to create a a dark and gloomy atmosphere full of shadows - images that shows a small glimps of a situation. The people that are viewing the pictures have to make up their own storyline. Steffen is a master in light and shadow and created lighting that for example illustrates that somebody opens a door.

The pictures are taken at the hotel Gabels Hus in Oslo. I borrowed clothes from Voga, Little Miss T, Zenon, Inq and Spalt PR. Thanks!

Small glasses

Small glasses - are everywhere!
Oh yes they are. Last night I saw probably four different styles of the tiny glass-necklesses that are taking over Oslo. They are on every hipster in town. I should have taken photo proof, but I forgot. Here are two photos of me wearing the hot accesorie.
This photo was taken after Daniel Sørensen's and Tina H's fashion show at the end of OFW. We were so lucky and got a pair of Daniel's super cool neckless. I'm also wearing Miniatyr-neckless and my own t-shirt.
Oh yes. Me and Nina at her lovely dinnerparty!

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Venus Extravaganza at The Ballroom Walk

Venus Extravaganza at The Ballroom Walk
Is an exhibition by my friend Kristine Øksendal. I did a shoot with her some time ago, and some of the pictures are in this exhibition. I really look forward to see her work on the walls.. Good luck Kristine!

VENUS XTRAVAGANZA at The Ballroom Walk.
by Kristine Øksendal
In Gallery 21:25 from 4-7 sept 2008
Opens September 4th at 7 PM

When gender is perceived as sign it becomes difficult to grasp the essence of femininity: natural and constructed at the same time. The Ballroom Walk is a series of black and white photographs, where models pose to portray the ‘realness’ of feminine characters. Venus Xtravaganza is one of these characters.
The petit Latino transsexual Venus Xtravaganza dreams about life in the suburbs and a white wedding, as seen in Jennie Livingston’s documentary Paris is Burning (1991). The movie traces a community of transsexual and homosexual performers who Vogue their way through late 80s New York City, where different fractions battle each other in dance, dress and ‘realness’. Venus also appears in the book Bodies that Matter by Judith Butler, who also authored Gender Trouble and coined the term performative gender. Butler continues her study of gender and performativity in Bodies that Matter.

“I first began writing this book by trying to consider the materiality of the body only to find that the thought of materiality invariably moved me into other domains. I tried to discipline myself to stay on the subject, but found that I could not fix bodies as simple objects of thought. Not only did bodies tend to indicate a world beyond themselves, but this movement beyond their own boundaries, a movement of boundaries itself, appeared to be quite central to what bodies “are”. I kept loosing track of the subject. I proved resistant to discipline, inevitably, I began to consider that perhaps this resistance to fixing the subject was essential to the matter at hand.“
J. Butler, Bodies that Matter

In Upcoming Legendary, two young women trained in classical ballet perform to Indian Tablas for the first time. The girls move with grace and striking feminine effect to the hypnotic beat of the drums, visualizing how the the masquerade is rooted in their bodies. Matter and Schema* merges as they show off their physical strength and willpower to be somebody on the stage.
Venus Xtravaganza wanted to be a real woman, but without questioning the social construction of woman. She saw a female identity as an escape from poverty, racism and violence; instead it became her death. It’s easy to frown upon the female masquerade and resent women for submitting to this act, for being too much or too little drag. In this project I explore the feminine identity which seems to be split, some might say lost, between surface and core.
"She in fact may no longer be a she, but the subject of quite another story: a subject-in-process, a mutant, the Other of the Other, a post-Woman embodied subject cast in female morphology who has already undergone an essential metamorphosis."Rosi Braidotti, Metamorphoses

*: Materiality (Matter) never appears without Schema: form, shape, appearance, figure, dress, gesture, grammatical form etc. See Bodies that Matter.

Kristine Øksendal, August 2008.

Monday, 18 August 2008

Acne Party!

Acne Party!
One of fashion week's coolest parties were located at the Acne showroom. Lovely drinks, lovely people and a really good atmosphere made a fantastic party. And what music! Mr. Egil Olsen, a singer/songwriter, played beautiful tunes. It actually made some of the girls cry! I really look forward to this singer/songwriter's album.

Hans & Marek

Jeanett and young photographer.

Hanneli M in skirt that she sewed in 45 minutes!

Hege in a creation by Åse Strand.

Marek in something I really want this autumn; armless blazer!

Egil Olsen. singer/songwriter.

WOW Accesories!

WOW Accesories!
What a day Saturday 16.08.08 was. First a saw the Batlak & Selvig exhibition at Galleri Riis. Then I and some friends went for lunsj at Posthallen where the shops Freudian Kicks and Henrik Vibskov had arranged a gathering with lovely music in the fine weather. Here I saw these fantastic sandals and the lovely Chanel clutch! Ohlala...

Later at the Acne Party I saw fantastic sights at the floor. Fantastic shoes where all over the place! Zara and Miu Miu stilletoes and high heeled men's boots from Acne and Dior at the bottom!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

What to wear om my nose this autumn?
That is a really good question ... First of all my favourite glasses in the world, which I in September 07 bought in Rome for 1 Euro and later got 10 pages in the NO Magazine in the serie "Geekorama" broke for some time ago ...

... The other reason to the question is that I can't wear my lovely Balenciaga sunglases in the autumn darkness. That's just silly.

... I had to get some new inspiration and tryed on three new looks for this autumn. And what three new looks! I Could wear all of them. So I got a really good answer for my question!

Glases from Giorgio Armani. The really small glasses in my mouth is the new hotshot accesorie, the Miniatyr glasses.

My favourite pair by Yves Saint Laurent.

Giorgio Armani.

Friday, 15 August 2008

G-Oslo A/W 08-09 Collection

G-Oslo A/W 08-09 Collection
Here are the pictures!

Shoot for G-Oslo's A/W 08-09 Collection

Shoot for G-Oslo's A/W 08-09 Collection
On a sunny Sunday in June G-Oslo's shoot for the autumn/winter collection was taken. Steffen Aaland was photographer, hair done by Hanna Holten, make-up by Linda Myrseth. Maya Vik and I stood in front of the camera.

Steffen took us to a really cool location at the former airport Fornebu.

I love curls!!