Sunday, 22 February 2009

Chains for every season!

I know that the rocked chains by Givenchy are by far old news. That's why I'm showing all of you here how to wear your chains this spring. And it goes something like this: Givenchy-chains minus goth crosses plus Camilla Prytz charms and stars = the picture on top I got from

Saturday, 21 February 2009

back home and twentyone

Twentyone is the number of the day, or maybe week. 20.02 is a nice date. I'm back home for my 21th birthday. It's nice being home in Høyanger in the winter. I found some old treasures at my grandparents. I got all of my grandma Vesla's old glasses and I found a necklace from kindergarden!
The shirt is from Acne. Needle from Marni.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Fever Ray

I bet you remember the Swedish club band The Knife. Fever Ray is their new project.
Watch their new video following this link:

Grandma's toiletry kit = Camilla's new bag!

I gave this bag to Camilla for her birthday. I've made it from my grandma Vesla's old toiletry kit and some leather thread i got from Cath. Camilla loved it! The bag is a perfect match with her dresses from her sister and designer Nadia-Liv! Nadia-Liv makes her pieces with textiles from Verner Panton.

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Techno Gym Shorts

I really love these shorts from Henrik Vibskovs s/s collection. The retro style with the modern garment is a cool mix. I'm thinking aerobics, disco, Jane Fonda's workout.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Rollerboy and the Brazillian Night!

In between travelling the cities of the world with his "too cool for school" sunglasses, my older brother John B arranges the cocktail night NYC-Fix at B&M once a month. This month it was Brazillian night with shaking ladies from the South American country. In my new YSL I, the ITJ-BOY, turned once again into Rollerboy (this usually happens at John B's events). Luckily Rollerboy didn't crash into one of the charming waiters this time.
The shaking dancers wanted a picture with Rollerboy. In the picture you can see Rollerboy trying to keep them away from his spot and his outfit!

Snaps from Jennifer!


I was at Montée's gig at Blå this Saturday evening. I love love the sound of the band. I got this snap from the concert. Check out Maya's fantastic jumpsuit from G-Oslo!
Their album will be out on the 16th of March. Can't wait.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Sexy Saturday Evening!

... at least the accessories were sexy. I wont say my wollen socks are hot, but the snaps are really cool I think. It's lovely Hege B H's shoes and red nails. The shoes on snap NO. 3 is Nina Jarebrink and "Balmain"... Samsaya and Fam Irvoll looked smashing as always wearing fruit and other things on their heads.
The event was Kåre Lund's OFW party at Emil & Samuel.

I celebrated my KHIO-audition as well as Norwegian fashion. I got to the third and final round of the auditions (!!!) and I'm now waiting to hear if I am accepted into the school or not. CROSS YOUR FINGERS PEOPLE!!

Monday, 9 February 2009

Post nr. 100: Oslo Fashion Week Opening

My oh my! I've actually posted 100 blogposts. And today I'm writing about the opening of Oslo Fashion Week. FIN got the award for best designer, and Max Factor, Synsam, Fretex, Redken and more had shows. The Max Factor show was really good with fantastic models! I forgot my camera (I've done that once or twice...), but I have a picture of my outfit. I wore jewellery by Camilla Prytz, probably worth about 100 000 big ones. Fuck Cartier diamonds! Hehe. Blazer and pants from Balenciaga and my new favourite sweater from Prada.
Hanneli was flown in from NYC to do the Max Factor-show. She brought me a NYC-present! A Marc Jacobs handmirror!
Joyohjoy. If I get hold of more pictures from this event, I'll post them. Thanks!

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Cath's 30!

Cath celebrated her 30 th. birthday at Pigalle this Saturday. The party was fun, but the people at Pigalle are not good! Won't be going there for some time... Anyways, Cath wore a fantastic dress by G-Oslo. I tried to match Cath's golden look with accesories from April 77 and a shirt from YSL.


I was the choreography assistant for the Redken-show that happened during the beauty fair this weekend. I worked for the choreographer Elin Høyholm. A team from Adam & Eva did the hair. Tommy Løeland and Victoria did the styling and Pauline Nærholm did the make-up. The theme for the show was Shanghai in the 60's. Glamour girls and Geishas (allthough Geishas generally are/were in Japan). The show was a collaboration between Redken and the designer TSH.