Sunday, 30 November 2008

Bad weekend - beautiful Sunday

No drinks, no parties - all of Friday and Saturday. Why? Because all my friends are dating... I thought spring was the time for all the dating. Not in cold and dark November. All the people dating left and alone me home both Friday and Saturday night...
Luckily Sunday became my fun day (damn you Cindy Lauper!) The weather was beautiful, people were happy, and I got some of my dating friends to have a coffee with me.

I was wearing my Reinhard Plank hat, G-Oslo scarf, knit by Vivienne Westwood, vintage and H&M belt, trousers by G-Oslo and boot from Zara. I found the big coat at a school's "garage sale" (loppis?). I almost think German officer when I see it. It's from Austria and I love the details.

Balenciaga blazer-BANG!

Aoch! Bang bang. I bought a fabulous Balenciaga blazer from the internet the other day. It's not the one on the picture. Mine is a one-buttoned blazer made of black, weaved wool. But yesterday some threads opened.... Arrgh.- Hopefully lovely Gunnhilde can fix it. She has to fix it, because the piece is to good to be true - and it turned me broke. I can't be broke bacause of a broken blazer....
So people, cross your fingers for me and my Balenciaga!

Where can I get a bagde like this??

Friday, 28 November 2008


I need serious help - oh yes I do! Lately I've been thinking a lot about my hair. My long hair. Today I look much or less like the top picture - shoulder length. And I've had a lot of hairstyles while I have lived in Oslo - much due to modelling. My problem is, educating myself to be a ballet dancer, I should really have short hair. The other day my French teacher at the Opera told me that I should give her a pair of scissors and she would make me a better dancer.. Aoch.. I've checked out some shorter haircuts. Ii have to say I've always loved Sondre Lerche's look. The long top and shorter sides. I like the cut on the model on the runway for Burberry's latest collestion (S/S 09 - found it at
So, what do you people think? I need tips, so please comment this.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Kari's Louboutins

My shoe-loving friends Kari and Ole H bought this fantastic pair of Christian Louboutins in Paris this summer. She wore them at a dinner, and they are simply beautiful. I think they are the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Pants by Baleciaga.

I know this is already old news, but these padded pants with pvc-details are fantastic. Really a piece. I tried them on at MA in Hegdehaugsveien.
The cool hat is by the Austerian designer Reinhard Plank. I bought the hat, unfortunately not the pants.

Friday, 21 November 2008

What I can allow in my closset by YSL!

Ohlala. What a collection. I love the pieces and the fantastic details. Love the baggy chinos. Love the golden sigar-jacket. Love the model. Stefano Pilato's work for YSL is always one of my favourites every season. This is no exception! Pictures from

I Won! Juhuu

... the question now is what I can allow into my closset!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Flicks from Janeinsane

Janeinsane, currently a teacher for small children, sent me these pictures from my dj-debut at A Night to Remember Vol 2. Thanks Jane.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Pictures for the new book by Camilla Prytz

Fantastic glass artist Camilla Prytz is making a new book showing her recent work. Here are some of the pictures taken some weeks ago. Photographer: Knut Bry, hair: Agnes Marie Guldbrandsen, styling and make-up: Kjersti Andreasen.
I'm honoured to be one of the models in the book!
Check out

The fashion blog by Emily - check it out!

Check out London based stylist Emily Catherina Skjelbred's blog! I love it.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Featured at - again.

This Saturday I went on a stroll with lovely Hanneli. She took this picture and it's now at the fashion-web site The link to the article is

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Go Obama!

Congrats Obama!

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Friends at The Sartorialist

This is cool! My two lovely friends, Hanneli and Marie Alix, have been spotted and blogged by super-blogger and The Sartorialist. If you're into fashion, that is quite an honour! Hanneli at the top was spotted during NYC-fashion week. Marie Alix was blogged at the Lanvin show during Paris Fashion Week.
You go girls!

photoes from The Sartorialist-blog.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Late of the Pier

Friday night - oh what a night it was. The super cool British band Late of the Pier had a gig at BlÄ. My friend Mariann said I should join her, so I did. I brought one of the balloons from the Bik Bok show earlier that night. The gig was fantastic. Loved the music. I went backstage for the band to sign my balloon. The band were very very nice, probably the coolest guys in Britain. So I stayed backstage with the guys the rest of the evening before they left for Stockholm. When Mariann came up and introduced herself, the bassplayer jumped at her. They had listened to Surferosa since they were sixteen, and the Norwgian band had been one of their greatest influences. How cool is that?
Check out the band at


Personae is a new Norwegian fashion magazine. The difference is that this magazine looks at fashion at an intellectual level. It took two minutes at the launch party for the magazine before I subscribed. It is fantastic. The layout and look of the mag is fantastic using different types of paper.
In the first issue the fashion series are done by stylist Pauline Naerholm and photographer Siren Lauvdal.
Check out for more info.

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Before and after the Bik Bok-show.

Backstage Hanneli was looking smashing as always. The cool shoes, which reminds me of a pair from Swedish Mini Market, are from H&M. After the show me and Hanneli stole some balloons. Check out Hanneli's pants. She has put on studs which makes a cool detail. I'm wearing a short blazer from Acne and Cheap Monday jeans. The vest is from G-Oslo.

Bik Bok Press show.

Bik Bok arranged a very cool show for their comming collection and their new jeans label. The show was good, styling was excellent and I found a lot of the pieces quite good. The collection is really what's happening now, and clearly influenced by several known designers, such as Martin Margiela and April 77. The collection is young, rocked and very laid back. The jeans were really cool.