Monday, 28 June 2010


I'm home working and was browsing through some of my pictures to get some inspiration (my home town is not really fabolous). I found this picture which is fantastic and which sent me straight back into my fab-party-week-mood! Kari looks great in her pink summer outfit. This picture is taken at the Sex and the City 2 premiere. She's wearing vintage sunglasses by Gianni Versace, amazing shoes by Christian Louboutin and beaded clutch by Jil Sander. The dress made of pink lace over a deep orange base is from Sonia Rykiel.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Summer Job Outfit

I think it is fantastic that my home town has used it's entire health budget on the oversized t-shirts from Prada's S/S 11-collection!

Thursday, 24 June 2010


Mr Yvan Rodic, aka. the Facehunter himself, took this photo of me at the Elle Summer Party. I met him also during Fashion Week in Paris. You can see his post from the party at his visual diary here: .

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

On the Road Again

Summer time is usually work time for me. While others are cruising around Europe, I am working at the nursing home / the old people's home in my home town Høyanger. I will tell you more about that later. I was supposed to post this from the bus (I had far too much luggage to be able to travel by airplain), but for some strange reason the wireless internet was down. I took a picture of the seat next to me where I had placed several of my "traveling-by-bus-essentials". Minimum two fashion magazines (Danish Elle and Cover - I am going to Copenhagen and staying there for three weeks next week!! - need to know what is happening there.), iPod, Mayawater (you get strange looks for being fabolous), YSL Rive Gauche military jacket, Rykiel Homme knit, dvds (often from citys where I'm not going ...) and Miu Miu bag. I'll keep you posted through the summer!

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Mayawater Launch

Maya Guldbrandsen is the founder of the new and fabolous mineral water facial mist Mayawater. I have already used it for months and have to say that I can't go a day without it. To get the perfect finish after applying mineral make up, during training (to prevent salts and sweat clogging up my skin) and when I just need to freshen up, it's perfect. This weeks launch was a great event. Maya told us about the products, her idea behind the mist, her vision and her future plans. Afterwards it was mingling, food and wine on one of roof top terraces in Oslo, a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.
I wore jumpsuit from Chloé, belt from Balenciaga, shoes from Acne, backpack from Chanel and necklace by Camilla Prytz. The fab Camilla herself wore vintage Chanel jacket, the Stam-bag by Marc Jacobs, Selima shades and her own necklaces. On the bottom pic she and brother John look like Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.

Friday, 18 June 2010

An Adidas Original

You can't really call me a typical sportswear guy, butI love my new sweater from Adidas Originals. It's avant garde and kind of old school at the same time. Fantastic broad shoulders and openings in the armpits, cool print and a different cut - almost Star Trek'ish! I wore it for the Smuglesning and Adidas Originals Party at Sukkerbiten. They showed the USA vs. England football match, gathered some great djs and served great food. A nice pre-summer night! The disco ball charm is from Louis Vuitton. Pants from Balenciaga.

Photo by Anne Valstad Erichsen

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Norwegian Rain

Need a rain coat or a rain poncho. Check out Norwegian Rain. For information, check out . My favourite is the grey poncho. Fantastic colour and cut.
This picture was taken by Silje with her iPhone (almost looks like a polaroid to me). It shows the T Michael stand at the market day for the shops in Posthallen.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Marc Can BANG Me Anytime!

Head under Heels at The Sex and the City 2 Premiere

During the busy party week I have been telling you about I met two queens; on Wednesday Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands and on Friday Kari, the Queen of Shoes. The Queen of shoes was so nice after some glasses of wine that I actually got to wear some of her crown jewels. I wore the same glittering Louboutins (just with a touch of pink, not gold) as Carrie wears in the opening scene of the movie!
I wore necklace, muff and top from Batlak og Selvig, shorts and clutch from Balenciaga and shoes from Converse Allstars. (I will post Kari's outfit later).

Friday, 11 June 2010

The Elle Summer Party

The annual Elle Summer Party was great fun. It was located at the roof top terrace at Grand Hotel and the weather was perfect. The evening started with a little before party at the fantastic shop Voga. Here several friends were gathered for bubbles, drinks and having fun generally. It was really nice. I met Sarah from the Cutler and Gross office in London here (the faboulous lady in the second picture - check out her orange Repettos). We became friends instantly. The two others in the picture is fab hairstylist Fred Lekker and from Selima Optique and Cuttler and Gross Anthony. I bumped into the facehunter himself Yvan Rodic several times that evening, who took some pictures of me which was fun.
I wore a hat bought in the streets in Rome combined with a head-showpiece from Iis' latest show, my fantastic Batlak og Selvig dress, t-shirt from H&M, Cheap Monday jeans and Converse Allstars. First I wore a pair of round Cuttler and Gross shades. But I borrowed Sarah's über fab Cutler and Gross designed by Giles for the rest of the evening.

Pics by big bro John B

Thursday, 10 June 2010

T for Tuxedo

I have often wondered what the T in T Michael stands for. Well, after I wore this baby at the ballet performance requested by Queen Beatrix, I have no doubt - tuxedo of course! This tux is absolutely amazing with so many great details. The pockets in the jacket is a favourite. And the great detail on the back pocket on the pants where the opening is turned upside down. Something else is the material used on the inside. It is beautiful and the pattern is designed by stylist Karen Gjelsvik. Both the quality and the cut is amazing. And it made my ass look great - how about that!
I want it!!!!!

Black Tie

Being invited to something as big as a ballet performance in honour of the Norwegian majesties (on a Wednesday of all days) by command of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands can turn on the dressing-up-urge in each and everyone of us. I knew I was going, but this urge I'm writing about didn't start until the day before the performance when I stood with the invitation in my hand. I was thinking of pulling of my Batlak og Selvig and Balenciaga combinations, but there was of course a dress code ... For men it said black tie/dark suit or national costume. I don't have any of these (no not even have a black suit - haven't found the perfect Dior Homme yet ...) and could feel the panic start to rise as it was in the middle of the afternoon. Luckily I was saved by my darling friend Silje working for the man who does proper English tailoring with a twist the best in the whole of Scandinavia - T Michael of course! I ran down to his boutique in Kirkegata in Oslo where the most beautiful tuxedo I have ever seen hang waiting for me!
I combined the luxurios tuxedo with my grandfathers shirt, my dad's bow tie, some fantastic cufflinks made of swarofsky crystals by Keyna Aranguren and my vintage YSL boots (which I think are designed by Christian Louboutin!).
The two ballets (choreographed by Jyry Kylián and Alexander Ekman) were fantastic and the dancers from NDT II beautiful.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Busy Week

Last week was fantastic! Fantastic and busy. On Wednesday I and the rest of us ballet students at The Oslo National Academy of the Arts were invited to a royal gala at the opera by the request of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. I wore a tuxedo for the first time in my life and felt like a lot of money. On Thursday Norwegian Elle had their annual summer party on the Grand Hotel roof. The evening started with a nice before party at Voga. On Friday I went to the Sex and the City 2 premiere with my lovely friends Kari, Ole-Henrik and Silje. The evening ended clubbing in a big tent next to the opera. A fantastic site for partying with perhaps the nicest view for summer. It was the "A Summer Night to Remember" -party by Tove Sivertsen and Lars Petter Pettersen. Then there was the summer party at school on Saturday.