Monday, 26 April 2010

Statement Jewellery

I love this lady's massive pieces of jewellery. I saw her in a restaurant and had to speak to her. She makes the necklaces herself and they are sold at Colette. I don't know much about the guy at the bottom pic, but his enormous cancer necklace is absolutely eye striking.

People at Le Club Sandwich / MAXIMS #6

I wore my favourite jumpsuit from Chloè and one of my ballet unitards. I think Monsieur Mathew wore his own design - I think.

People at Le Club Sandwich / MAXIMS # 5

This lady actually matched the interior.

People at Le Club Sandwich / MAXIMS #4

Mr. Cutie-Cute!

People at Le Club Sandwich / MAXIMS #3

It was so nice to meet someone who had been to a place one hour away from my home town in Norway. These two friends looked both smashing, but I have to say that i LOVE the accessories on the girl in blue! There is something about big rings!

People at Le Club Sandwich / MAXIMS #2

Can punk be bling? Obviously it can!

People at Le Club Sandwich - MAXIMS #1

Here are some of the cool people I met! And by the way - why haven't I thought about wearing heels together with a red, laced jumpsuit and a swarofsky clutch bag formed as an ice bear? I love Paris!

Sunday, 25 April 2010


Fashion Week's coolest party was Le Club Sandwich at MAXIMS. Here are some pictures of the beautiful art nouveau-interior, and some pictures of the hostess!

Top pics by Julie Holst Berntsen.

Anna Piaggi

I can only think of one fashion-personae who has an umbrella and gloves that matches her blue hair. Anna Piaggi of course! I met her twice during fashion week.

Great Outfit Outside Viktor & Rolf #2

This gentleman is wearing what has to be the definition of a layered and textured outfit. It is four layers of different materials - cotton, silk, beads and wollen blends. In an outfit where so much is happening it is nice to see that the vest and the golden trousers actually matches.

Great Outfits Outside Viktor & Rolf #1

There were a lot of gloomy people outside the Viktor & Rolf show. By gloomy, I mean wearing dark - dark being either punked, goth, dominatrix (?) or just plain fab as Beth Ditto in the two pictures below!

One of the models!

I love this girl's look! The details on the dress and the big shoes is a great contrast to her young and cute face.

This is Marco from Italy. His coat is from Costume National - the rest I don't know. I have to say that his bag really stands out amongst the grey, black, studs and needles. The rings shaped as bones are also cool.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Ann Demeulemeester A/W 2010

The Demeulemeester show was located in what I think was an old school in St. German. It suited the show very well. We got everything we could expect out of an Ann D show, dark, black and gloomy. But there was also something warm. Amongst the dark wool blended, leather and feathered creations there were red (with a touch of orange) leather coats and pants - a nice and perhaps also unexpected contrast. Demeulemeester made her girls wear A LOT of feathers. There were feathered vests, feathers under sleeves and jacket linings. I also loved the leather "chain mail", made of long strips of braided leather. You can see it on the top picture. What was also fascinating was the hair. It was tightly pulled back into a messed up bun which reminded of feathers. They were styled with a lot of wet gel at the sides, something I thought would resemble the shimmer of the feather.

Photos by Julie Holst Berntsen.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Viktor & Rolf A/W 2010

The Viktor & Rolf A/W show at Paris Fashion Week was fantastic! The collection was all about multifunctional clothes - jackets and coats in particular. The designers undressed one model standing in the middel of the catwalk, and made new outfits out of every garment. The models coming on the runway wore beautiful bejeweled bodys. There were several coats that could be worn in different ways. Some of them also turned out as dresses.
The collection was inspired by the industrious and the mechanical.

Photos by Julie Holst Berntsen.